Gardening: Crafty Ideas to get Your Kids Involved

Tea Mix : Grow your own chamomile, mint, lavender, Echinacea, and stevia for a homemade herbal tea blend. Experiment with different combinations and give away as presents or enjoy a taste of summer abundance in mid-winter.

Herb Bunches : It’s mid-July and your garden is exploding with oregano, mint, basil, and many other fragrant herbs. Drying these fragrant bundles is an easy way to preserve them for winter use. Simply tie a bunch of herbs (however large you like) with one end of a pretty piece of ribbon or natural twine, about 3 ft. long, then tie the other end to a rafter or wall nail on a porch or basement ceiling. Once the herbs have dried completely (about 2 weeks), you may remove the stems and crumple the herbs into glass jars for storage.

Herb Bath Sachets : Placing homegrown herbs and flowers in cheesecloth bags makes an easy craft project that stimulates children’s creativity. These homemade gifts make an attractive addition to a gift basket and serve as unique party favors.

Edible Bouquets : As a cute May Day activity for the kids, show them how to bunch together some edible flowers and tangy greens from your garden and place in a vase filled with cool water. Sunflowers, lavender, flowered dill, pink or golden Swiss chard, and lacey “Ruby Streaks” mustard bouquets make nice little gifts to share with neighbors and friends. Easy elements of bouquet assembly: the thriller, filler, and spiller. Choose something tall and interesting for the middle; the filler is small/delicate/wispy with many small blooms, and complete the bouquet with greens that cascade down.

Popsicles : Making ice cream from scratch can sometimes be involved. These homemade garden Popsicles are quick and easy for you and your kids and much healthier than store-bought. Click here for the recipe.

Sketching in the garden : If your child has an artistic side, a garden provides a sanctuary-like setting for drawing flowers, herbs, vegetables and insects. A little chair, sketchpad, some colored pencils or watercolors and an easel – bliss!

Fun in the Kitchen : If your kids are not fond of veggies, we offer recipes that may help kids move to a healthier diet. Plus, cooking together provides a wholesome activity for you and your kids. As a treat, try this easy way to make Homemade Fresh Berry Ice Cream in a food processor: Wash, then freeze whole berries on a flat surface. Place the frozen fruit in the bowl of your food processor with the metal blade in place. Using the pulse control, chop into fine pieces. Turn the food processor on, then pour milk, cream or yogurt through the feed tube. The mixture instantly turns into ice cream/ice milk/frozen yogurt. So fun and delicious!